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Thread: VFC FN SCAR-H CQC Gen III (Mk 17)

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    Thumbs up VFC FN SCAR-H CQC Gen III (Mk 17)

    Larger hicap magazine than most Armalite variants - 500 rounds
    Comes with a suppressor
    Comes with a transport case
    Fully airsoft ambidextrous
    There are no exposed wires in connection between the folding stock and the receiver
    Easy to take apart - It strips just like the real SCAR-H

    Motor heats up quickly on full auto fire
    Limited space in the stock for the battery

    Bottom Line Up Front (BLUF)
    The VFC FN SCAR-H CQC Gen III (Mk 17) is an excellent AEG with a good rate of fire and accuracy.

    The VFC FN SCAR-H CQC Gen III (Mk 17) is a replica of the 7.62x51mm (7.62 NATO) weapon issued to US SOCOM personnel who want more stopping power than the 5.56x45mm (5.56 NATO) round offers. The VFC SCAR is fully airsoft ambidextrous. This means that the magazine release and selector switch can be operated with either hand. The charging handle and its release lever may only be operated with the left hand (the charging handle can be switched to the other side with a little work), but while these items are functional on the SCAR they do not affect the handling of the AEG in any way during play and are not really needed for airsoft.
    The folding stock does not expose any wires leading from the battery to the gearbox because VFC used an ingenious contact system instead. This should eliminate the chance of a wire chafing or getting cut completely and it increases the reliability of the AEG while eliminating some wires.
    The AEG field strips just like the real SCAR-H and the internals like the gearbox and barrel assembly can be removed quickly. Also, the gas system regulator is a two piece tool that contains a device to adjust the hopup and a small star wrench that works on all the hex bolts on the outside of the AEG. It's a really handy addition and when combined with the locking charging handle makes adjusting the hopup a snap. The lower receiver includes two contacts to the battery so one knows that it is together correctly and will receive power.
    The first issue I have with the AEG is the fact that the motor gets hot after only three or four seconds of full auto fire. This may be due to the 11.1v LiPo I use to run the gun. It is noticeable and would likely require the user to wear gloves to use the AEG for any length of time.
    The second is that the stock does not have much space for a battery. Fortunately, one can extend it for more room. Regardless, the pin that holds the stock pad in place is a pain to take out and replace. The wires and battery must be pushed into the stock or they will interfere with the movement of the pin across the stock as one works it into position. It does, however, have a retaining pin and this helps prevent its loss.
    The case it comes with will get the job done. It can carry the AEG, suppressor, three magazines, the battery, and a bag of bbs. It is designed for the EGLM as well so the AEG has some freedom to move around in the case. Foam can be used to fix this.
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